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Keynote Speaker

Chad Nedland

With 3 decades of business experience and public speaking, Chad has accumulated a lifetime of experiences. Starting off with 7 years of intentional homelessness to better understand the human condition has given him insights to the core of human behaviour. He has coupled this with his love of studying psychology and business to unlock some simple truths to help anyone move forward in their lives at record pace.

Hold on to your eats as he brings the perfect balance of humor, tough love, and business acumen to the stage for a truly transformational experience.

Speaking Topics 

From overcoming the death of his son, realizing his purpose and discovering the principles of success he will be sure to make a lasting impact at your next event.

    picture of small hand tools used to pry things open

    The Power of Leverage In Life & Business

    Understanding how to find and utilize points of leverage in your life and business will set you years ahead of your competition.

    picture of a road facing a sunset with powerlines that look like a cross

    Discovering Your Natural Identity

    We were born with  unique and purpose filled identity to help us accomplish our life's purpose. It is only when we strip away the false programming that we can live fully.

    sillohouette of a man holding the sun at sunset

    Resiliencey: How To Get Up When The World Knocks You Down

    After the death of his son, Chad was faced with the choice of giving up or moving powerfully in the world. This talk on resiliency and purpose will inspire, bring you to tears, and encourage you.

Jim Lutes standing in fron of San Diego bay

Jim Lutes

"I’ve been in the industry 30 years I think you should listen to Chad. Listen to Chad." - Jim Lutes

Daryl Snow

"He over delivered. I've paid well over $80K in coaching programs. Chad rings 10X the value of anything I've ever had. I would easily pay whatever his asking price because I know I'm going to get more value. It's going to be a true investment - not a cost. I would highly recommend working with Chad"

Christa Theg

"I learned so much about how to put in the work to ensure that what we perceive and want for ourselves happens. He communicates really complex ideas in a way that anyone can understand and implement them."